Rapid Response Mobile Tyre Service

Sydney: 02 800 700 36 Brisbane: Coming Soon

Tyres Central provides a Rapid Response Mobile Tyre Service for repair or replacement of your tyres in Sydney & Brisbane. This is a same-day, emergency service for customers that require our quickest mobile tyre service.

This service is commonly used by customers stranded on the motorway or on the roadside with damaged tyres, customers that unexpectedly realise that their tyres are badly worn and shouldn't be driven or time-poor customers that have a deadline and require a quick and convenient way to get their tyres replaced. We regularly attend to customers located in multilevel carparks, shopping centers, business parks and residential complexes.

Whatever the situation our Rapid Response Mobile Tyre Service is the quickest and easiest way to get you back on the road. One phone call and we arrive onsite quickly and take care of everything and with our specially designed, compact vehicles we can even access under 1.95 meter high carparks for those customers in difficult to access areas.

We're equipped with our own power and compressed air and our system is fully electric (we don't use noisy, smokey generators). We use the latest in tyre fitting technology to cater for almost all passenger vehicle tyre sizes and configurations, all the way up to 22 inch tyres!

Our service is available during normal working hours and also after hours.

To help assist you we will require some detail on your situation. We're ready to gather this information with you over the phone but if it's easy to gather before calling please have the following details handy:

  • Your location - Name of suburb and if possible a nearby street name and number
  • Your Vehicle Make and Model - e.g. Toyota Camry etc.

Your Tyre Size, Brand and Tread Pattern will also be required - This information will need to come from the sidewall of the tyre to be repaired or replaced and not from the internet or website data. See Finding your Tyre Size for more info.


  • Size: 225/45R17 91W
  • Brand: Bridgestone
  • Tread Pattern: Potenza 050A

Using our Rapid Response Mobile Tyre Service is simple and easy. If you've got any questions or require emergency service please call the Emergency Hotline at the top of the screen and we'll be happy to assist. Remember that currently our Mobile Tyre Service is only available to our customers in the Sydney & Brisbane.