All tyres sold are covered by a pro rata, lifetime manufactures warranty that covers any manufacturing defect such as a separation of the tread plys under normal use. This type of defect is caused by the incorrect application of glues between the plys during manufacturing. This defect will cause the tyre plys to start to separate along the tread of the tyre causing an "egg shape" to the circumference of the tyre. These types of manufacturing defects are very rare nowadays with advancements in manufacturing, glue technologies and other components used in modern tyre production.

Keep in mind that a manufactures warranty does not extend to injuries inflicted on the tyre from road hazards such as potholes or impacting the tyre with force. An example of this type of injury might be hitting the curb at speed which produces a bubble on the sidewall or shoulder of the tyre. This is due to the impact causing the cotton strands in the shoulder/sidewall of the tyre to break. This allows the rubber of the tyre to protrude through these strands causing the bubble.

If you have any concerns about defects or injuries to your tyres please contact us and we will do our best to find a solution.


Returns within the scope of a manufacturers warranty claim will be refunded on a pro rata basis. All items involved in a manufacturers warranty claim require inspection by Tyres Central in Sydney NSW.

Regular orders that fall outside of a manufacturers warranty claim that have not yet been shipped to customers can be refunded in full less a 10% restocking fee. Orders that have been received by customers (but not fitted to rims or used in anyway), within 14 days of receiving the order can be refunded in full less a 10% restocking fee and less any freight component in the original order.

Special order or rare tyre orders outside a manufacturers warranty claim are non refundable. You will be advised at the time of purchase if your tyres are special order.

Returns outside the scope of a manufacturers warranty claim that have been fitted to rims or used in anyway are non refundable.

All return freight to Tyres Central in Sydney NSW is the responsibility of the customer.