How To Find My Tyre Size

It is important to provide us with correct tyre size information. Your tyre size information will need to be gathered from the sidewall of the actual tyre to be replaced. Don't use tyre size information gathered from the internet or a website as this data could be incorrect for your specific vehicle. If you are having difficulty getting this information from the sidewall of your tyre or you have any questions please call us for assistance. It is also important to remember that some vehicles have different size tyres front and rear e.g. wider tyres on the rear and thinner on the front.

On the sidewall of your tyre you will see the Brand name and tread pattern e.g. Bridgestone Potenza. There will also be a lot of small words and numbers on the sidewall, often difficult to read, most of this is irrelevant to consumers. The tyre size, along with the brand name and tread pattern, is usually the most prominent text written on the side wall of your tyre in large font.

An example of a 17 inch passenger vehicle tyre size would be: 225/45R17 91V

225 - Width of the tyre in millimeters.

45 - Profile of the tyre as a percentage of width.

R - Radial meaning that the tyre is constructed with steel belts (standard nowadays).

17 - Diameter of the rim the tyre is fitted to in inches.

91 - Load carrying index e.g. 91=615kg

V - Speed index e.g. V=240km/h